Manually graded assignments are often used for projects and other assignments that do not use the auto graded question banks. Both the Student View and the Instructor View are shown below.

Student View

  1. The student will click on the Manual Assignment within their course.
  2. Student clicks Add submission.
  3. Student will enter or upload their response.
    • If Online Text submissions are allowed, student will enter a response in the associated field.
    • If File submissions are allowed, student will drag/drop files into the dotted box to upload.
  4. Student will Save Changes.

Depending on settings, students may be able to return to their work and redraft it, or they might have to click a submit button to send in a final version which cannot be changed.  Below is an example of the Status Box seen by the student after a submission:

Instructor View

  1. Go to Course and navigate to the assignment.
    Click on the Manual Assignment name.
  2. See a summary of what has been submitted and what needs to be graded.
    Click Grade.
  3. Click Grade to open the student's submission.
  4.  Sample submission with written and file uploads.
    An annotated submission appears in the main panel.

  5. Scroll down to the Grade fields and enter grade.
    Optional: Enter comments.
  6. Click Save Changes (bottom of screen) or click Save and show next to continue grading submissions.