The instructor who is sharing the course will need to share their course copy code with the individual receiving the course copy.

Share Course Copy Code

  1. Login to your instructor account.
  2. Select the three dots icon to the right of the Sections button associated with your course.
  3. Select Edit Details from the dropdown menu.

Copy your Course Copy Code. This is what you will provide your colleague.

You can use the Copy to Clipboard button for ease of use.

Use Course Copy Code

  1. From your dashboard, select Copy Course.
  2. Enter the course name.
  3. Within the Copy From a Course Copy Code field, paste your colleague’s course copy code.
  4. Select Copy Course.

This may take several minutes to complete.  You can logout or navigate to a different page while this is being completed.

Once the course is created, you will see it on your dashboard underneath the appropriate textbook.