To make a separate assignment for one or a handful of students, you will first create an assignment as usual, with the following exception.

Recommended: Include "makeup" or something similar in the assignment name to differentiate.

  • Include a Password as part of your Settings (Timing screen) and provide to students taking the make-up assignment.
    • Click Advanced Settings below the Time Limit setting 
    • Set password
  • Consider hiding the original assignment until all makeup assignments are complete.

Exclude Unrequired Grade from Course Total Calculation

You will need to exclude the grade from calculations for the untaken assignment so students are not penalized for the assignment not required of them.  See Exclude Assignment from Grade Calculation for instruction.

Example: Exam 1 & Exam 1 Makeup

  • Exam 1 is taken by the class
    • Exclude grade for Exam 1 Makeup from everyone except students A, B, and C.
  • Exam 1 Makeup is taken by three students (A, B, and C)
    • Exclude grade for Exam 1 for students A, B, and C.