To make an assignment for one or a few students, you will first create an assignment as usual, with the following exceptions.

Recommended: Include "make-up" or something similar in the assignment name to differentiate.

  • Include a Password as part of your Settings (Timing screen)
    • Click Advanced Settings below the Time Limit setting 
    • Set password
  • Set an overall assignment value of 0.00 (Questions screen)
    • Click the Set Points button (upper right corner)
    • Select Entire Assignment
      • Input 0.00
    • Set Points

By setting the value of the assignment to zero, those students not taking the make-up version will not be penalized.

There will still be points/marks values associated with each question.


Once the student completes/submits the make-up assignment, you will review the attempt and use the Points/Marks score to determine the final grade by calculating the equivalent score with respect to the Maximum Grade for the original assignment. You will then manually enter that grade in the gradebook under the column for the original assignment.


For example:

Original assignment was worth a Maximum Grade of 50.00 points

  • Make-up assignment has Maximum Grade of 0.00
  • Suppose there were 25.00 possible points/marks for the make-up assignment (all the individual question values added together); the student scores 23.00/25.00
  • Find the equivalent of 23.00/25.00 out of 50.00 (the Maximum Grade for the original assignment).  23/25 = x/50, or a grade of 46.00
  • Manually enter the equivalent grade (46.00) for the student in the gradebook under the column for the original assignment (click Turn Editing On in gradebook to manually enter grade)


By doing this, students NOT taking the make-up exam will not be penalized and the student(s) taking the make-up exam will not be penalized for not taking the original test.