You have prepared an assignment exam for your students. It is currently in a hidden state. The exam opens on the day of the exam, at a time that the students know about. However, to satisfy yourself that it is doable in the time allotted, you wish to do a dry run yourself before that date. How can you accomplish this?

Method 1

You can use the Preview feature available to you as an instructor as you are making the assignment.

Method 2

  1. Request a dummy account for testing from Support.
  2. Enroll that user in the course as a student.
  3. Add a User override to the assignment, so test student can attempt the assignment before it is open to everyone else.
  4. Log in as test student.
  5. Attempt the assignment.
  6. Log back in as instructor.
  7. Click Grades.
  8. Check the box next to the test student's name and click Delete Selected Attempts.