The Auto Graded Assignment Report shows all the students' assignment attempts (see below). You can access this report by selecting the title of the assignment within Grades. This report includes the following information:

  • When the students started/finished the assignment
  • How much time it took the student to complete the assignment
  • Each student's overall grade on the assignment
  • How each student performed on each individual question within the assignment (Green: 100% Correct; Black: Partially correct; Red: Incorrect)
  • The class averages for the overall grade and each individual question


There is a setting form at the top of the page that can be used to control what is displayed (see below):

The results can be downloaded in a variety of formats:


The "Review attempt" links below each name (in the very top image) allow you to review all the details of an individual's attempt, just as they would see it.

Please Note: Similar to the student, when you hover your cursor over the the incorrect answer on the "Review attempt" page, the correct answer appears in a red banner at the bottom of the screen.