From the Dashboard, use the following steps to create an Auto Graded Assignment.

  1. Click Go to Course.This will take you to your Course and you will see that course is broken down into modules identical to the book. 
  2. Select the module you'd like to add an assignment to. Example: Chapter 1
  3. Click Add an assignment or resource.
  4. A pop-up box will appear, select the Auto Graded Assignment option.
  5. Click the Add button.  Auto Graded Assignments 
    • We use the name auto graded assignment for any assignment that uses the supplied question bank questions. The term auto graded assignment is used synonymous with terms Homework or Exam. For example, you can name an auto graded assignment Homework – Week 1.
  6. Name the assignment and select an Assignment TemplateSee our guide for more information on how templates work click here, or manually configure settings.
  7. Click Continue to timing in the bottom right corner, or select the Timing tab at the top. Please verify the Your Current Time clock matches your current time. 
    • Open and close dates for each section (must be switched from off to on).
    • Number of attempts for the assignment
    • Time limits for each section (must be switched from off to on).
  8. Click Save and Continue to Questions, or the Questions tab at the top. This will take you to the Assignment Builder.
  9. Add the desired questions using the Make a Selection drop-down menu, then select Save & Exit.

Your newly created auto-graded assignment can now be seen from within the module.

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