Once you create an assignment, you may want to see how it will look to a student. Using the steps below, you can Preview, and even attempt an assignment without locking in question content.

STEP 1:  Access Assignment's Preview Feature

  1. Go to Course.
  2. Navigate to the assignment. Click the Edit then select Preview.

STEP 2: Preview Assignment

  1. Use the Card icons at the top of the page or the Previous/Next buttons at the bottom corners of each question to navigate through the assignment. 
  2. Optional.  If you would like to attempt the assignment, see STEP 3 below.
  3. To leave the Preview, click Return to Course at the very top of the screen. 

STEP 3: Attempt Assignment & Review Submission (Optional)

If you would like to attempt the assignment to see how it will function for a student, you can do so from within the Preview without locking in question content. 

The assignment will also look and function like this for your students.

NOTE: The Assignment Settings will determine the features and functionality available within the Preview and the Assignment itself. These include:

  • Resources (eBook/Videos/Printing)
  • Check button
  • Review Options with use of Check button and/or after submission.

When you are finished, click Finish attempt...

Click Review if you would like to review the attempt as a student would.