Some video categories may include auto-gradable questions in the course's Question Bank.  See Assigning Videos (Auto Graded) to create an assignment using video-related questions.

To assign videos without an auto-gradable Question Bank, you can see how engaged students have been with the video content and create a Grade Item for which you can give a participation grade. 

Note: You will not be able to see which specific videos the student has clicked on within each video category, only the number of videos accessed.

STEP 1:  Create a Grade Item

  1. From within the course, click Gradebook.
  2. Click on the Set Up tab. Click Add Grade Item.
  3. Enter an Item Name and adjust the Maximum Grade as needed. 
  4. Click Save changes
  5. Click Continue if presented.

The new Grade Item will appear as a column in your gradebook.

STEP 2:  View Student Engagement with Videos

  1. From the Instructor dashboard, click Manage Sectionsfor the associated course.
    • Or from within the course, click the green Sections button in the upper/right corner.
  2. Click Performance
  3. Click Chapter Progress.Use the drop-down field to select the needed Chapter/Module.
  4. View student's engagement in each video category.

STEP 3:  Manually Enter Grades

  1. From within Gradebook, go to the View tab and click Turn Editing On.
  2. Scroll right to locate the column for the assignment. Enter grades in the provided fields.
    Example: If a student watched 5 of the 8 eLectures for the chapter, and the Maximum grade for the assignment is 40 (5 pts/video), enter 25 points.
  3. Click Turn Editing Off when finished entering grades.
    • Manually entered/edited grades will appear shaded yellow in the Gradebook.