Why use the Legacy Editor?

The Legacy Editor is helpful if you have a custom eBook using assignment content from more than one text or if your course includes any imported questions.  All imported questions appear in the course's My Custom Questions question bank and may be more easily located using the Legacy Editor. 

For a custom eBook/course using multiple titles, the assignment content from the text(s) using the fewest chapters will be the imported assignment content.

Use the process below to add the STATIC or a specific RANDOM version of a question to an auto-graded assignment using the Legacy Editor.

  • STATIC version (found in the text) 
  • Specific RANDOM/Algorithmic version (data differs from text; all students will receive the same version)

To add Algorithmic versions for which data sets vary among students, see Legacy Editor (Algorithmic versions).

STEP 1:  Access the Legacy Editor

NOTE: This feature must be enabled for your course. Please click Request Help on the lefthand menu panel to create a Support Ticket if you need this function and do not have it.

For an existing assignment:

  • Navigate to the assignment.
  • Click Edit
  • Select Legacy Question Editor.

Or, when building a new assignment:

  • On the Questions screen, click Edit.
  • Select Legacy Question Editor.

STEP 2:  Add Static (or Specific Random) Version

1.  Click Add.  If there are existing questions, click Add at the bottom of the list.

  • Select "from question bank"

2.  Click inside the Select a category box to reveal the dropdown menu.

3.  Scroll to the needed category (ex: Test Bank), find the Chapter/Module, and locate the question. DO NOT CLICK.

4.  Add the question as follows:

  • To add the STATIC version, click Static (1) below the desired question number/topic (see below)
  • To add a specific RANDOM version, click Randoms (#) below the desired question number topic (not pictured).


  • Check the box for the desired version of the question
  • Click Add selected questions to the assignment

5.  Repeat as needed using the bottom-most Add button.

6.  When finished, click Save and Return to Course.