Auto Graded, assignable videos are not available for all titles or video types. 

See Assigning Videos (Participation grade) to assign videos that are not available for auto-grading.

Some of your course's video content may be assignable through the use of an Auto Graded Assignment. Instruct students to watch an assigned video, then test their comprehension with related questions.

Where available, auto-gradable videos (Assignable Reviews; label may differ among titles) will appear as an option when selecting a Question Bank.

Assigning Videos via an Auto Graded Assignment

Create an Auto Graded Assignment in your course. From the Questions screen, follow the steps below to select questions related to the assigned video.

  1. Click in the Question Bank drop-down field; select Assignable Reviews(video question bank name may differ). 
    • Filter by Chapter/Module if desired.
  2. In the center panel, check the box(es) for questions to be assigned. Click Add Questions.
  3. Select the version of the question(s) to be assigned. Click Add Questions.
    • Static matches the text/video.
    • Same algorithmic version 
      • All students receive the SAME version.
      • Differs from the version in the text/video.
    • Different algorithmic variation 
      • Version received VARIES among students.
      • All versions differ from the one in the text/video.
  4. Once all questions have been added, click Save & Exit.
    • Click Set Points to adjust point value per question or total assignment value if needed.