WARNING!  Deleting an attempt is a PERMANENT action. 

Neither the attempt nor the grade can be recovered once deleted.

There are several instances where you may need to delete an attempt made on an assignment. Among them are:

  • You created a new Section instead of a new Course for a new term, and past students' attempts are prohibiting you from making content changes to existing assignments.
  • You attempted the assignment as a student, from a student account.
  • A student made an attempt that you want to delete (whether or not you allow them to try again).

Delete an Attempt

The easiest way to access the attempts made on an assignment is from the Course page, though you can also access attempts via the Gradebook.  Below are instructions from the Course page.

  1. Click Go to Course for the associated course.
  2. Navigate to the assignment. Click on the Assignment name.
  3. Click "Attempts #" to view all attempts made.
  4. Check the box(es) for the Attempt(s) to be deleted.
  5. Click Delete selected attempts.
    If a student made multiple attempts, the one shaded blue is the one in the final Gradebook.
  6. Click Yes to confirm deletion (or Cancel).  WARNING!  Once deleted, content cannot be recovered.