WELCOME to the New Course Home page!

From here, you can manage and access everything related to your course and customize widgets to make your course's home page work best for you!

To access a course's home page, click Go to Course from your Dashboard.

Side Panel

The left-hand panel consists of three main categories:

  1. Course Navigation 
    • Gradebook
    • Course Content (THIS is the NEW place to access your Course's content and resources!)
  2. Book Resources
  3. Support

Welcome Back! Section

Easily access Section Management tools, manage the Student Homepage, and Manage Widgets on the Course Home page.

  • Manage Sections brings you to your Section Management Tools.
  • Manage Student Homepage allows you to control what is included on your students' Home page.
  • Control widgets 
  • Add information like a Syllabus or Instructor Bio.
  • Manage Widgets allows you to customize the look of your homepage.


Widgets present information at a glance. Use the color coding feature for even more functionality!

Widgets can be moved around using the 6-dot icon to the left of the Widget name; drag/drop to the preferred location. (See individual User Guides on Widgets for more detail).