With a customizable course layout, instructors can combine course content to fit their needs. 

Scenario:  An accelerated course is organized by Week, with each week combining content from multiple chapters. Organize the course with folders labeled by Week (instead of Chapter/Module) and combine content as needed. 

Combining Course Content

  1. Access the Course Layout page.
    1. Click Course Content.
    2. Select Course Layout.
  2. Click Edit for the content folder to be edited. 
  3. Select Edit Chapter or Edit Module.
  4. To change the content folder name, type in the preferred name in the Chapter Name (Module Name) field. EXAMPLE: Change Chapter 1 to Week 1.
  5. Combine Course Content
    1. Scroll down to the Book Resources section of the page.
    2. Under Section(s), click Add Section.
    3. Use the drop-down field to select another Chapter/Module.
    4. Repeat until all needed content is included in the Chapter Content folder.EXAMPLE: Include content from Chapters 1-2 in Content Folder "Week 1".
  6. To manage book resources, go to the Book Resources section and toggle Book Resources on/off as needed.
  7. Save Changes.
  8. Repeat Steps 2-6 until Course Content is laid out as needed
    Hide any unneeded Course Content Folders (see Hide and Unhide Chapters/Modules) for instruction.