The Manage Student Homepage feature allows an Instructor to control what is included on their students' Home page.

  • Edit your Instructor Bio
  • Upload a Syllabus
  • Control widgets 

Manage Student Homepage

From the Course Home screen, click Manage Student Homepage.

Edit Instructor Bio

  1. To edit your Bio, click Edit Bio.
    If including a Bio, Students will be able to view your Bio on their Course Homepage.
    See Profile - Details/Edit for additional instruction.
  2. If no other changes are needed, Click Close.

Upload a Course Syllabus

  1. Click Upload Syllabus to upload your course's syllabus (see Upload Syllabus for more detail).
    Students will be able to download the Syllabus from their Course Homepage.
  2. If no other changes are needed, Click Close.

Manage Widgets

Control which Widgets appear on the Student Homepage.

  1. Click on the needed Widget (Calendar, Upcoming Assignments, Grades).
  2. Toggle to ON to make viewable to students, or OFF to remove from view on the Student Homepage.
  3. Click Save Widget Settings when finished.