Before you can generate a course, you will need access to the associated eBook.

We have compiled a Checklist to help you prepare your courses. You'll be up and running in no time!

Click here to view the entire guide in PDF format: Best Practices for a New Term, or use the links below to view individual segments.

New Term Checklist

Before you start, if you don't already have access to the eBook you need, Request Materials.

Video: Request Materials
User Guide: Request Materials

FIRST... Generate a Course & Set Up Your Sections

Create a NEW course if any of the following apply:

  • First-time user
  • Using a new edition,
  • Want to start from scratch
  • QuickBooks Online user (Author's prebuilt course)

VideoCreate a Course 
User Guide: Create a New Course

COPY a course if any of the following apply:

  • Previous user / Continuing edition (Copy retains assignments)
  • A colleague is willing to share their course with you (same edition)

Video: Copy a Course
User Guide: Copy a Course; Copy/Share a Colleague's Course

SECOND... Update Assignment Dates (copied courses)

Assignment Dates for existing assignments can be easily updated from a single screen. No going in and out of each assignment!

Video: Update Assignment Dates
User Guide: Update Assignment Dates

THIRD...Build New Auto Graded Assignments (as needed)

Templates make it EASY to apply consistent settings and our Assignment Builder makes creating assignments as EASY as 1...2...3!

Video: Building Auto Graded Assignments
User Guide: Create an Auto Graded Assignment

FOURTH...Integrate With Yours LMS (optional)

If you plan to integrate your course, your school's LMS Domain must first be registered. Assignments and the course's video content can be linked/embedded in your LMS and grades automatically sync to your gradebook.

Video: How to Integrate  

LAST...Distribute Enrollment Instruction

Your Student Handout includes EVERYTHING your students need to successfully enroll in your course. 

  • If you will be integrating your course, be sure to have that completed before accessing the Student Handout because instruction will change.
  • Students can make any needed purchases during the enrollment process.
  • Student Handouts are unique to each Section of a Course.

Video: Student Handout