You have the ability to require a password for an assignment. This feature is commonly used for make-up assignments and exams.

Require a Password

You can set a password on the Timing screen when creating the assignment, or by updating an existing assignment's Timing settings.

Require a Password (when creating an assignment)

  1. When on the assignment's Timing screen, type the Password in the Require password field.
  2. Click Save & Continue to Questions.

Require a Password (existing assignment)

The easiest place to set a password for an existing assignment is on the Assignment Dates screen. Here you can see the Timing parameters for all assignments on a single page, so it is convenient if you need to set passwords for more than one assignment.

  1. From the Course Home page or from within the course, click Manage Sections.
  2. Click Assignment Dates for the needed Section.
  3. Scroll to the assignment. Type the desired Password in the Require password field.
  4. Click Save Changes (bottom-right corner of page)
    • You will have the opportunity to apply the same changes to other Sections of the course if applicable.
NOTE, A password can also be set for an existing assignment through the following path:
  • Go to Course
  • Course Content (left menu)
  • Navigate to the assignment (left menu) and click Edit associated with the needed assignment.
  • Select Edit Timing.
  • Save Changes.