You have the ability to create your own courses. Generating a New Course will provide you with the Course Shell.

The Course Shell is applicable in the following scenarios:

  • First time users of MBC for the course
  • User of a new edition
  • Anyone wanting to start from scratch (course shell; includes video content but no assignments)

Create a New Course

1.   If you do not already have a course, click Create New Course, otherwise, click Create Course.

2.   Enter the Course Name.

  • Select the Academic Term/Year.
    • Or check Enter a term to manually enter.


3.   Select the Number of sections for this term. 

  • Keep students organized if teaching more than one group of students in the same course / same term.
  • Allows for Assignment Dates to differ among sections.
  • All sections have access to all course content.
  • Assignments can be turned On/Off by section if needed.

      Enter the Section Name.

      Enter the Section End Date (end of term).


4.    Click Create Course.

NOTE: The course may take a few minutes to generate. You may navigate away from the screen or log out.