The instructor sharing the course will need to provide their Course Copy Code to the individual receiving the course copy.

Instructors can share a copy of a current edition course with colleagues.

The copied course will include all the original course's assignments and resources, and will be independent of the original course. Any changes made to the course by either instructor will not affect the other.

Step 1:  Share the Course Copy Code

The instructor sharing the course can locate the Course Copy Code from the dashboard as follows:

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis icon for the course to be copied. Select Edit Details
  2. Confirm the copy feature is Enabled.  Click the Copy to Clipboard icon.
  3. Provide the copied code to the instructor with whom the course will be shared.
    Paste Course Copy Code into an email or other means of distribution.

Step 2:  Apply the Course Copy Code

The instructor receiving the course will apply the provided Course Copy Code as follows:

  1. Locate the current edition on the Dashboard. Click Copy Course.
  2. Enter the Course Name and use the drop-down menu to select the Academic Term (or check "Enter a term" to type in manually).

    NOTE: If your account is associated with multiple schools, select the appropriate institution.
  3. Paste the Course Copy Code in the "Copy From a Course Copy Code" field.
    If the original course contained Assignment Dates that you would like to duplicate, check Retain Due Dates?
  4. Select the number of Sections needed for the term and enter required details.
    • Name the Section(s)
    • Enter Section End Date (end of term)
  5. Click Copy Course.

NOTE:  The Course Copy may take several minutes to complete.  You can log out or navigate to a different page while it is processed. Once the course is created, you will see it on your dashboard underneath the associated textbook.

Be sure to set your ASSIGNMENT DATES in the new course.