The Course Layout feature includes many additional functions and shortcuts, such as Hiding, Editing, Previewing and Adding assignments, 

Hide/Reveal an Assignment

Easily hide an assignment from students, or reveal a previously hidden assignment by clicking on the Eye icon to hide/reveal.

  • Green means viewable by students
  • Red means hidden

Edit an Assignment

  1. Click the Edit button for the needed assignment to reveal the drop-down menu options.
  2. Select appropriate option.

Preview an Assignment

Instructors can do an assignment using the Preview function without locking in question content.

  1. Click on the Assignment name. 
  2. Click Preview Assignment Now (or Continue the last preview).

Add an Assignment or Resource

Click Add an Assignment or Resource to quickly jump to that location in the Course to add a new assignment or resource.  See Create an Auto Graded Assignment for further instruction.