• Students can only be transferred from one section to another within the SAME COURSE.
  • Students can only be moved within the first 30 days.

You can easily transfer a student from one section to another within the same course.

  • Any work that has been completed is retained.
  • Students can be moved for the first 30 days.  
    • If it is beyond the transfer window, please contact us with the student's name, email, and proper section information.
  • If the student needs to be in a different Course, please let us know the student's name, email, and proper course & section and we will move them for you.

To Transfer a Student to another Section of the same Course:

  1. Click Manage Sections for the associated course.
  2. Click the Students button for the Section in which the student is currently enrolled.
  3. Check the box(es) for the student(s) to be transferred.
  4. At the bottom/center of the page, click in the "With selected users..." drop-down field.
    1. Select Move to different section.
    2. Submit.
  5. Select the Section to which you want the student(s) transferred. Click Continue.
  6. Click Move Students to confirm the transfer.